New to Diving? Enjoy guided dives in small groups on our beautiful reefs and be amazed. Choose from an array of dive packages, dive sites and special excursions based on your certification and experience level.

e-lerning facility

We have a range of options for you to continue your education. Our expert staff and top of the line equipment are for you to take advantage of. While learning, experience the islands and explore the underwater world in a way only Barefoot Scuba can deliver.


PADI DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING (DSD) AND BUBBLEMAKER (BBM) The world’s most popular introduction to diving, this entry-level program allows you to experience the magic of being and breathing underwater. A briefing of equipment and basic breathing skills, followed by a practice session in shallow water prepares you for the experience of a lifetime. You’ll explore wonderful coral reef, feel the amazing weightlessness of diving, and see things you’ve never seen before. The constant supervision and guidance of our PADI certified divemasters and instructors make this the perfect first step towards satisfying your curiosity of the sea. You can chose to complete Discover Scuba at Beach 2 or with a boat ride to Oval Reef. COURSE DURATION: 3 hours PREREQUISITE COURSE: None SWIMMING SKILLS: Not Required MIN. AGE: 10 yrs (8 yrs for Bubblemaker) MAX. DEPTH: 12m (2m for Bubblemaker)
BEGIN YOUR COURSE TODAY. JOIN e-learning NOW Why spend a day in the classroom doing the theory segment of your diving course, when you can be lazing on our beautiful beach? Enrol now in Barefoot Scuba’s e-learning program and complete the theory online at your convenience in the comfort of your home. Through e-learning, we offer you the opportunity to do the following courses:
  • PADI Open Water Course
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Course


Please download the medical form and go through it. If you have a YES answer to any question, you will need to bring with you a certificate signed by a physician. A YES without physician’s written approval will disallow you from diving.


Course fee 25000 INR

This course will teach the knowledge and skills to safely explore the underwater world. After the completion of the course the person will be able to dive 18 meter depth with a buddy or a dive professional anywhere in the world.

  • Course duration: 4-5 days
  • Minimum age: 15 years (10 years for junior divers)
  • Video or MLG Presentation
  • 5 theoretical lessons
  • 5 Confined water sessions
  • 4 Open water dives
  • Examinations, Certificate & Log book.

Course fee 17000 INR

  • Course duration: 3-4 days.
  • MIN AGE: 15 Yrs. (10 years for junior divers) Maximum depth: 30m
  • 1 Deep dive and 1 Navigation dive
  • 3-5 adventure dives
  • All practical, no written examination
  • Certificate

Course fee 7000 INR

The Emergency First Response gives the knowledge to perform CPR and first aid both to divers and non divers. The theory includes self rescue, rescue management, equipment use etc. This course is a requirement to continue to Rescue diver.

  • Course duration: 1-2 days
  • Video Presentation
  • Primary care (CPR) & Secondary care (First Aid)
  • Examinations & Certificate

Course fee 23000 INR

Rescue diver course will show how to perform diver rescues and manage diving the accident situations both on surface and underwater. In addition this course will help feel more confident and will give the knowledge and experience to look after divers and their safety.

  • Course duration: 5-6 days
  • MIN AGE: 15 Yrs.
  • Read modules and complete knowledge reviews.
  • Theoretical lessons.
  • 4 Water sessions.
  • Examinations & Certificate.

Course fee 45000 INR

The PADI Dive master course is the first step in the professional world. This course will give all the diving knowledge, skills and attitudes required to become a Dive master and will develop your leadership abilities in order to guide safely divers. In addition you will learn how to assist instructors during courses which will give you lot of experience when you become a dive instructor.

  • Course duration: 15-20 days (Duration based on individual evaluation. Recommended minimum: 50 hours.)
  • Confined and open water sessions
  • Theoretical lessons.
  • Examinations

ZERO TO HERO (Open Water course – Dive Master)

ZERO to HERO program. Your professional scuba diving career in 30/40 days! From non diver to professional scuba diver. If you want to live an extraordinary life, then this program meet your needs.

Course fee 145000 INR

» PADI Open Water Diver
» PADI Advanced Open Water Diver
» PADI Emergency First Responder
» PADI Rescue Diver
» PADI Divemaster (PADI’s First Professional Membership Level)DURING YOUR PROGRAM YOU WILL LOG OVER 60 DIVES.


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